About us

Construction Scotland is the leadership organisation for Scotland's construction industry. We are a unique partnership between businesses, trade bodies, colleges, universities and the public sector.

Recognised by the Scottish Government as the voice of the industry, we bring together as many of the federations, trade associations, membership and representative organisations as possible to resolve issues and to help the industry grow.

We're here to:


  • Maintain a cohesive, dynamic, globally competitive industry
  • Collaborate between public and private sector to encourage growth
  • Deliver high quality products and services, and excellent customer satisfaction
  • Make Scotland a leader in retrofit solutions, low-carbon and sustainable infrastructure
It’s the role of Construction Scotland to provide leadership and direction to the industry and ensure it represents itself in a positive and engaging manner, while tackling the very real issues that face the sector on a daily basis.
- Ed Monaghan, Chair, Construction Scotland

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Opportunities to promoted your business at a range of local, national and international events.

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Innovation Centre

The Construction Scotland Innovation Centre interacts with industry at all levels and to be the single source of innovation support to the construction industry within Scotland.

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