Building for The Future

Building for The Future is the Scottish Construction Industry’s Strategy for 2013- 2016. Our strategy sets out the ambition and priorities for the industry over the next four years. Owned by the industry, Construction Scotland will lead its implementation.

The strategy’s success will depend on buy-in from businesses throughout Scotland, but also on strong political and financial support from the Scottish Government and its agencies. This strategy demonstrates that the industry recognises the need for change, and that it is committed to achieving growth, making its full contribution to the Scottish Government’s Economic and Low Carbon Economic strategies. The Scottish Industry’s priorities are closely aligned to the aspirations of the UK Government’s Construction Strategy. The strategy was developed through extensive consultation involving over 500 representatives from the industry including businesses, key industry associations and federations, the public sector and clients. Over 25 consultation events were held across Scotland in 2012, and the first of what will be an annual online survey ensured maximum opportunity for all those interested in the success of the industry to participate in the development of this strategy.


Our vision

Our vision is of a confident, cohesive, dynamic and globally competitive industry which builds on its design and engineering heritage to develop internationally recognised areas of competitive advantage. At home, we aim for the industry to be fully recognised for its key role in enabling Scotland’s economy and in creating the environment for Scotland’s people to live and work. We aim to achieve increasing levels of collaboration between the public and private sectors to overcome issues that restrict the growth of the industry. To achieve a growing, profitable and commercially sustainable industry, we need to see greater levels of competitiveness, efficiency and productivity from our businesses. We want to see a culture where businesses are more opportunity focused, innovative and collaborative. Building on our rich experience in the development of apprentices and graduates, we need to continue to inspire and develop our future leaders and ensure the industry is considered a career of choice with a range of attractive opportunities for people from all backgrounds. In an increasingly globalised industry, we need to maintain and build our reputation for delivering high quality products and services and achieving excellent levels of customer satisfaction, ensuring that greater value is placed on quality, particularly by the public sector. Our aim is to build an industry which recognises and exploits its areas of competitive advantage and is a recognised leader in retrofit solutions, low carbon products and services, and sustainable infrastructure.


How we’ll achieve our vision

This is a challenging ambition to realise from where we are now, given the continuing economic uncertainty. However we believe that by working together significant progress can be made towards achieving these ambitions. We will focus our attention on four important areas:


1. Developing a safer, successful and forward looking construction industry

2. Driving innovation and productivity across the industry

3. Working in partnership to deliver a Low Carbon Built Environment

4. Establishing a cohesive voice for the industry


Each of these priorities are explained in more detail in the full strategy document, which can be found here. We have also identified what we need to do in these key areas to achieve our ambitions for 2016.