The Construction Scotland Industry Leadership Group (ILG) brings together key figures from the private and public sector to drive sector growth and industry wide collaboration and alignment.

One of 15 Industry Leadership Groups, Construction Scotland Industry Leadership Group (ILG), is charged with developing and co-ordinating the delivery of an industry‐led strategy for the sector, providing leadership to stimulate action by businesses and drive industry growth. The group is also focused on pursuing market opportunities for the industry and addressing strategic challenges the industry faces.

Role and remit

Construction Scotland’s ILG role and remit includes:


  • Development of a robust forward‐looking strategy for the industry in Scotland with a focus on transformational change, which is consistent with the aims of sustainable low‐carbon economic growth
  • Ensuring industry ownership of – and input to ‐ the strategy and the identification of the actions required to deliver the strategy and the respective roles of Government and industry. The strategy should have a clear vision, objectives for growth and a set of quantifiable outcomes and impacts which should be regularly monitored and reviewed growth targets
  • To have a robust national/international perspective, informed by a strong sense of global trends, issues and niche opportunities where the industry in Scotland can develop competitive advantage
  • Engage with (and be a cohesive, non‐partisan voice for) the wider industry
  • Articulating a clear link between the sector’s ambition and the Scottish Government Economic Strategy


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They are principally charged with developing industry‐led strategies for their sector, providing leadership to stimulate action by businesses and drive industry growth, but they perform a number of other inter‐related leadership functions.

These include:


  • Strategic ‐ to articulate a vision for the sector; develop, implement and monitor an industry strategy including setting out industry growth aspirations, measuring performance, monitoring progress and defining the nature of Scotland’s sub‐sector niche opportunities
  • Tactical ‐ to help manage challenges and to support immediate opportunities.
  • Communication and engagement – with wider industry; within sub‐sectors and across other sectors; two way communication; and ambassadorial.
  • Collaborative ‐ to foster effective networking and pursue alignment.
  • Advisory – with deep current knowledge of the sector; a global perspective; and significant input to the evidence base. The ILGs don’t cover all aspects or sectors in the Scottish economy, rather they are focused on the sectors or sub‐sectors which can disproportionately impact upon Scotland’s economic growth. 

Become a member

If you believe that you can make a significant contribution to the success of Construction Scotland, and you wish to offer your skills and experience to the Industry Leadership Group, please register your interest by sending an e-mail to hello@cs-ic.org telling us who you are, where you working in the industry, and how you can add value to ILG.

Once you have registered your interest, we will acknowledge receipt of your e-mail and may ask you to supply further information about yourself and your experience. If you are eligible, we will add your name to a “Register of Potential ILG Members”. The ILG Chair uses this list to select a balanced membership for the ILG – which reflects the industry and the key issues / opportunities needing addressed. 

Stay informed

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