How to apply:

  1. Drop us an email at , attaching your CV or linkedin profile and tell us in 150 words or less what you have to offer as an Innovation Champion. And pick up to three of these hashtags which best fit your interest and experience. And if none of these fit your expertise, tell us what would. 

#automation   #robotics   #manufacturing   #prototyping   #offsite  #digitalconstruction #bim   #environment   #lowcarbon   #digitalskills   #productivity   #buildingperformance #infrastructure   #smartmaterials   #smarthousing   #circulareconomy   #deconstruction #futureworkforce   #healthsafety   #culture


  1. If you’re successful we’ll send you a welcome pack.

Who can be an Innovation Champion?

CSIC is specifically looking for innovation champions from a range of construction related backgrounds including clients, consultants, manufacturers, contractors and supply chain partners, both big and small. In addition, because innovation doesn’t happen in silo’s, CSIC is also seeking the involvement from innovators, disruptors and entrepreneurs with limited or no background in construction at all, but who have a passion for the built environment and think their expertise and ideas can help drive change.

As a guide we’d like our champions to have:

-        7 or more years of experience in either industry or research and a focus on either construction or innovation


-        be committed to contributing positively to the sector’s future.

Your experience may be in engineering, housing, products or materials, infrastructure, digital technologies, architecture, project management, quantity surveying, design, construction management, sustainable design or a number of other construction-related fields. If you have a different set of expertise to contribute and you’re keen to get involved, we’d still love to hear from you.

What does the role involve?

The champions will form an expert pool of thought leaders which CSIC can draw from as it continues to supercharge innovation across the construction industry. Those with relevant expertise will also be asked to review project applications submitted to CSIC, ensuring the centres funding delivers maximum social, environmental and economic impact.

The posts are voluntary and by using on-line digital tools and collaboration platforms, champions can be part of this innovation ecosystem without having to be based in Scotland, ensuring CSIC can tap into a global network of innovators, although there will be meet-up events throughout the year that members can attend at CSIC’s new Innovation Factory outside Glasgow.

Innovation champions will: 

1. Make recommendations on innovation funding

All funding applications over £50,000 are reviewed by an external panel of industry and academic experts. We will call on Innovation Champions with expertise in the project area to evaluate applications and provide recommendations on funding. We use an online evaluation system which means you can complete your evaluation from anywhere. Estimated time commitment of 1- 2 days per year.

2. Provide advice on future opportunities

CSIC rely on industry and academic champions to help set our priorities, shape new campaigns, influence funding challenges….and generally lead the innovation charge. You will be invited to participate in 1 or 2 Innovation Champion events per year.

If you’d like to discuss this opportunity further, please contact: Fiona MacDonald, Business Relationship Manager mob: 07711188202