Terms of Reference

Role of Innovation Champions 

The role of an Innovation Champion is to ensure that CSIC is outward facing and industry led. Innovation Champions will assist the Governance Board and Business Relationship Management Team to help assess project applications towards achieving economic benefit and transformational change for Scotland’s Construction sector.

Key Objectives include: 

  • To review project applications submitted to CSIC for innovation funding support; closing dates for applications are set, allowing Innovation Champions to plan the review process around business commitments for the duration of 2018.
  • To highlight emerging opportunities for innovation within the built environment; issues,  technological or legislative developments to be drawn to the attention of the construction industry.
  • To flag potential areas/ ideas for workshops and events to help inform CSIC industry engagement and stimulate collaboration and innovation.
  • To identify ideas for future funding calls and leverage potential projects from across all relevant sources.
  • To assist CSIC in thepromotion of project outputs, including best practice for industry to learn from.
  • To help CSIC identify topics for Market Fore-sighting Research; themes that industry needs intel and support in developing for the benefit of productivity, culture and commercial impact, and to keep up to date and share any significant new legislation that industry may need to be aware of.
  • All Innovation Champions will receive 20% off the cost of our meeting room / factory equipment pay as you go / membership rates.

Innovation Champions – Project Appraisal Involvement 

  1. Innovation Champions will serve a phased rotational role subject to a period of 18 months.
  2. Innovation Champions will be assessing all projects with requested CSIC grant funding of over £50K. An additional sign off from the CSIC Board will take place for all projects with a request for over £100K of CSIC grant (The Board will take all Innovation Champion Review feedback and recommendations into consideration).
  3. Review dates will take place every 6-7 weeks throughout the remainder of 2018; these dates compliment the Board meeting schedule to ensure there is a 2 week period between the Innovation Champion Review Call and the CSIC Board Review if required.
  4. Innovation Champions will offer their appraisal of applications based on a scoring matrix provided by CSIC – applications need to be reviewed in advance of the Innovation Champion Review Call, however individual scores will be finalised and submitted at end of the Review Call. Scores and feedback will be captured by CSIC.
  5. A Scoring Training Call will be provided if requested in advance of initiating reviews.
  6. A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 Innovation Champions will be required to assess each individual project application.
  7. To avoid any conflict of interest, no member will be allowed to assess a project from their own HEI Institution or Company.  Applicant companies are also permitted to name up to 3 companies that they do not wish to review their applications e.g. key competitors.
  8. Business contact details will be shared within the Innovation Champion Network, and as part of CSIC governance, Company and Individual name [only] will be hosted on our website in the spirit of transparency.
  9. CSIC will maintain an up to date record of all Innovation Champions and ensure a confidentiality agreement is in place with all members.
  10. It is anticipated that CSIC will host a number of specific expert themed events throughout the year in support of developing the business network, and ensuring that all Innovation Champions benefit from being a member of CSIC’s Industry’s expert group.

Innovation Champions Review Call

  1. All agreed relevant papers will be sent electronically to Innovation Champions at least 7-10 working days before the scheduled review date.
  2. CSIC will chair the Call, and circulate Final Scores within 2 working days for comment.
  3. Final Scores will accompany the Project Application Form for final review by the Board for projects over £100K.
  4. Final status of projects from the Board Review will be fed back to the Innovation Champions involved in first stage sign off.

Innovation Challenge Review Call Agenda shall include (but not be limited to):

  1. Attendance and apologies for absence
  2. Introduction to Industry Partner for Q&A Session (15 minutes max.)
  3. Introduction to Academic Partner for Q&A Session (15 minutes max.)
  4. 15 minute Q&A session with lead industry and academic applicants
  5. Final collation of comments and scores from Innovation Champions to CSIC
  6. CSIC to confirm Action / Follow Up if required
  7. AOB
  8. Close