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Our industry specific team, based across Scotland from the central belt to the Highlands & Islands will work with you to understand your innovation aims and objectives; bringing together expertise from our 13 Higher Education partners to best meet your needs. If you are looking for a team member near you, get in touch.

Stephen Good

Chief Executive

Stephen drives CSIC's vision and strategy as it focuses on helping deliver growth to businesses through their adoption of new innovative solutions. Under Stephen's leadership, CSIC has ambition to deliver an innovation revolution within the Scottish construction industry, and help position those businesses globally as respected leaders of construction innovation. As a trained Architect Stephen has 20 years construction industry experience and his career has spanned the sustainability consultancy, architectural design, offsite manufacturing and construction management sectors.

Ben Westland

Head of Strategic & Commercial Operations

Ben leads a wide range of areas within the organisation including Strategic relationships and programmes; Commercial activities; Skills and Training; MSc funding; Further Education engagement and Marketing and Events.  Prior to joining the innovation centre, Ben commenced his career in Economic and Business Development providing direct business support with Business Gateway and Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce. He then joined Scottish Enterprise for 10 years in a range of roles covering research, strategy and sector development, 6 of these as Construction Sector Manager, which involved overseeing the delivery of a wide range of projects, engaging directly with ambitious businesses and working collaboratively with partners in the private, public and academic sectors on strategic initiatives. 


Lucy Black

Head of Business Relationships

Lucy joined the team as Senior Business Relationship Manager in July 2016 to work with ambitious innovative businesses within the Scottish construction industry, overseeing the development of pioneering new projects. With a career in economic development and consultancy focused on innovation and international collaboration for the last 18 years, Lucy has worked extensively with innovative companies and universities across Scotland within construction and renewable energy. Her expertise lies in building new business models based on innovation and developing strong commercialisation strategies whilst leveraging in appropriate funding. A strong networker, Lucy will work with the industry to forge new relationships between industry and academia to drive forward the Scottish construction industry to deliver higher economic growth with an international outlook.


Helge Hansen

Business Relationship Manager

Helge joined the team as the Business Development manager for the north of Scotland. His main area of expertise is advanced construction and Helge will be involved taking forward the Offsite Hub. Helge manages customer relationships and he works closely with companies to encourage them to be open about the challenges they face whilst always thinking of ways to help them be more innovative.

Fiona MacDonald

Business Relationship Manager

Fiona recently joined the Business Development team to support innovation projects in the West of Scotland. With 11 years experience within private sector construction, she has delivered marketing,  business development and client relationship roles at a strategic level. Fiona has experienced first hand the challenges of the construction marketplace and understands the significance of approaching business from a new perspective to deliver successful return on investment. Fiona appreciates the importance of relationship management and in turn trust; she is committed to unlocking the potential of businesses in relation to innovation, whilst bridging the gap between industry and academia.

Jennifer Smart

Business Relationship Manager

Jennifer joined the team bringing 20 years of experience in the Construction, Utilities and FM marketplace with a particular focus on the Water Industry where she has spent over 10 years working for Thames Water and Scottish Water.  She is a qualified Civil & Environmental Engineer with extensive experience in Internal and External Communications, Relationship Management and Business Development.  With this experience, Jennifer will be leading on our Civils, Infrastructure and Environmental projects across Scotland.  Jennifer is a creative individual who thrives on supporting the development of innovative solutions to drive businesses forward and in turn creating a positive impact on the Construction industry in Scotland.

Rohan Bush

Business Relationship Manager

Rohan works with businesses across the building and construction sector to develop collaborative partnerships with universities which deliver business growth. Focusing on housing, sustainable design and urban planning, Rohan sources and facilitates academic expertise for companies wanting to innovate. Rohan holds degrees in architecture, building science and political studies and is bringing 18 years of experience in the built environment sector including managing sustainable building innovation funds in Melbourne and helping establish the New Zealand Green Building Council.

Brenda Joyce

Project Manager

Brenda joined the Business Development team at CSIC to strengthen and support  Project Management on innovative projects.  With a background in Skills and Learning in designing, managing and and delivering major projects, Brenda combines this with her knowledge of business and expertise in supporting start up and growing businesses through her experience as Business Gateway Manager.  In addition her experience as Economic Development project manager, allows her strong networks, working knowledge and partnership approach to Project delivery  with Business, Academic and a full range of Public Sector organisations.  Major projects delivered successfully in Construction Strategy, Construction training and with Construction Businesses, Brenda ensures that  an innovative approach is at the heart of all good projects.


Lisa Deane

Skills and Training Manager 

Lisa leads CSIC’s skills and training programme, with a particular focus on supporting BIM implementation, digitisation of the industry, and learning opportunities around modern methods of construction including offsite manufacture and DfMA. Lisa joined the team in November 2016 with extensive experience in Organisational Development, Learning and Education, Leading Teams, Contract Management, Business Start Up, Recruitment, Human Resources, Training and Employability. A creative and strategic thinker, she is working with CSIC’s senior management team and a range of stakeholders to develop transformational skills and training opportunities for the industry covering a variety of innovative approaches and disciplines.  

Mark Milne

Technical Manager

Since graduating with a degree in Architectural Technology, Mark has worked for over 15 years in various roles within the construction industry. Mark has a broad knowledge of, and experience in product evaluation and design, research, development, materials, manufacturing, testing and quality management systems. Mark is responsible for the technical team and oversees the operation, supervision and coordination of the prototyping equipment and associated projects within the innovation centre, as well as collaborating with and providing assistance, supervision and guidance to clients, trade, professional bodies, academic partners and public sector organisations engaging with the equipment, to assist the wider construction industry with physical prototyping of new products.

Matthew Paton

Digital Automation and Prototyping Co-ordinator

Matthew takes up the role of Digital Automation and Prototyping Coordinator bringing a range of experience from across the Construction and Product Design industries. As a graduate in Advanced Architectural Design and also having trained as an architect, Matthew is able to take projects from initial sketch ideas to fully developed proposals. This strong design background is equally matched with extensive practical experience of prototyping and digitally controlled manufacturing. Matthew works with industry partners to coordinate the digital CAD development of projects, the CAM programming and physical interface with the equipment. Matthew ensures that the innovation potential of each of the machines is fully explored, developed and delivered; aiming to meet the future skills opportunities for the Industry.

Janette Hazlett 

Operations Support Manager

Janette is responsible for the day to day operations and management of the Finance, Administration and HR business functions within CSIC.  Janette has a background in Events Management from working at the Commonwealth Games, British and Scottish Championship cycling events, Track Cycling World Cup. Despite this, she is always reminding us that she started her working life in a Quantity Surveyors office typing Bills of Quantities and is enjoying being back in the Construction industry.  Janette brings a wealth of experience in keeping things in order and running on time. She joined the team in June 2016.

Lorna Kyle

Centre Manager

Lorna oversees the operational management of the building and is a primary point of contact for all visitors, contractors and partner organisations of the Innovation Centre. Having previously worked in Local Authority and Education sectors, she has several years of experience in Business Support Management and Facility Management. Lorna is responsible for coordinating all conference, training and event spaces within the building as well as developing services and resources to support innovation activity within the Centre.

Jordan Mongan

Digital Marketing & Events Co-ordinator 

Jordan recently graduated from Robert Gordon University with a degree in media studies. Post-graduation he was working as a digital marketing coordinator within a tree surgery organisation where he was involved in the development, maintenance and upkeep of a new website and several social media channels. As a creative and dynamic individual Jordan is applying his experience and knowledge to develop our social media channels and website further. In addition, he is also responsible for the promotion and running of events involving Construction Scotland Innovation Centre.

Luis Howell

Robotics Intern

Studying electronic and electrical engineering at the university of Glasgow, Luis joined the team as a robotics intern in 2017. Working with the Rethink Sawyer robot, Luis explores practical applications for robotics in construction and develops demos for shows and industry visits.

Josh Dodsworth 

Augmented & Virtual Reality Intern

Josh is a Physics student at the University of Glasgow. He is on an internship to work on virtual and augmented reality applications for the construction industry. Josh is developing demos and prototypes using the HTC Vive and Microsoft Hololens.

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