Innovation project funding

CSIC has innovation funding to leverage into projects which are collaborative in nature, demonstrate clear economic potential and where need is demonstrated.  The projects must be led by one or more industry or public sector partner(s) who are willing to contribute cash or in-kind resource to a project and they must include at least one academic partner in the collaboration.

CSIC funding support goes directly to the university partner towards their expert contribution.  CSIC generally provides up to 50% of the overall eligible project costs - with this funding going towards academic costs.  

The remaining eligible project costs should be provided in-kind or through a cash contribution from the lead partner and other consortium partners.  CSIC can, on occasion, fund a higher proportion of the overall project costs and this depends on the size of the company and stage and impact of the project.

Funding types

SFC Innovation Vouchers are available up to the value of £5k to allow initial feasibility or scoping studies to be carried out, or for the final validation of results by an academic partner.  Where SFC Innovation Vouchers are not appropriate, CSIC can fund to this level as a Quickbuild Project.  

Collaborative innovation projects - CSIC funding will primarily focus on projects where academic input is valued from £20k - £200k.  There are no limits on this funding, however projects proposed at the upper levels of funding should be truly transformational.  

As CSIC generally provides academic funding support at up to 50% of overall project costs, proposals should also include significant industry contributions either in-kind or through cash contributions.  

Collaborative innovation projects are evaluated by an external CSIC project assessment group every two months, comprising industry and academia representatives and are then submitted to the CSIC Board for final approval.  


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