Energy & ICT

An example of an Energy & ICT project:

Low energy new build solutions for the 2015 energy regulations

Many sites have started to adopt the new energy standards for new build housing and new non-domestic properties. The industry will require more designing, building and testing of diverse solutions and such collaboration will be transformational as well as helping to identify future materials; products, systems and skills for mass roll out later in 2015 and beyond.

A project like this would involve multi-site design, testing and evaluation across domestic and non-domestic new build systems. It would prove invaluable for scanning the limitations of such systems and the required needs to achieve future standards. The innovation centre can help your company with a project like this by using our availability of expertise, equipment and monitoring within our partner Universities and other partner organisations.

This innovative idea also sits within the following key project themes:

  • Advanced Construction
  • Design & Performance