Company profiles

Throughout the productivity campaign we will be featuring a range of company profiles representing productive practices and processes. This will provide practical examples and insight into the benefits available from becoming a more efficient organisation. 


Keepmoat Homes

At Keepmoat Homes we deliver beautiful, high quality homes for first time buyers on a national scale. As a leading UK homebuilder we pride ourselves on our strong long-term partnerships. They have enabled us to build thousands of new homes for the public and private sectors and transform brownfield sites into thriving communities where people want to live and work.

We source local and sustainable materials and we are also introducing new and innovative offsite construction methods to create even more sustainable homes and further reduce our impact on our environment. As a major new homes builder we also recognise the need to play a larger role in the construction industry. We sit on the Build UK Environment leadership group, supporting the Grown in Britain campaign and collaborating with our supply chain partners.

Thanks to our broad range of skills and our ability to work well with a range of partners we are continuing to build an ever-more exciting and innovative selection of homes in a growing number of location across the country.

We are at the forefront of the country’s need for more quality homes and we are actively investing in innovative new techniques, such as off-site construction, to help us build more of the homes people need, at greater speed. We also need to think differently about how we best use the resources available to us and manage the skills gap. By exploring robotics we welcome the opportunity to seek out new ways of working, to challenge the boundaries of traditional construction methods and how we can combine the skills of our workforce with new techniques that we will help us all to build more homes quickly and efficiently.