Collaborative Robot


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Email: Telephone: 0141 212 5250 

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  • A 7 axis collaborative robot designed to execute tasks that have been impractical to automate with traditional industrial robots.  


  • Portable, small scale demonstration
  • Machine tending
  • Material Handling 
  • CNC machining 
  • PCB handling and ICT 
  • Metal fabrication 
  • Moulding operations
  • Packaging 
  • Test and inspection 
  • Loading and unloading 




  • Maximum reach: 1260mm 
  • Gantry reach: 900mm 
  • Payload: 4kg
  • Task repeatability: 0.1mm 
  • Typical tool speed: 1.5m/s 

Machine Dimensions:  

  • Length (parked): 800mm 
  • Width (parked): 700mm 
  • Height (parked): 1550mm

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