Digital router

4008 7G ATC

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  • Automated CNC router table.
  • A large variety of bits are available for a number of different operations and materials. e.g. routers, knives, drills and engravers.
  • Capable of processing timber, composites, laminates, non-ferrous metals i.e. aluminium, ACM, plastic, foam, rubber, leather, card stock, cork, vinyl, textiles, among others.



Manufactured Products:

  • Capable of producing a large variety of items, such as profiled parts, jointed parts, interior and exterior decoration, signage, wood panels, frames, mouldings etc.
  • Highly versatile - bits can be exchanged allowing the router to perform tasks typically undertaken by other machines such as a spindle moulder, panel saw, pillar drill and such like.
  • When producing multiples of identical parts, these can be nested to minimise waste.


  • Maximum working width: 1524mm
  • Maximum working length: 2438mm
  • Height: 150mm Z clearance

Machine Dimensions:

  • Length: 3100mm
  • Width: 2600mm
  • Height: 1350mm
  • Table width: 1700mm
  • Deck height: 820mm

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