Industrial Robotic Cell

Kuka KR210 R2700 Quantec Extra six axis industrial robot w/ KRC4 controller

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  • Robotic prototyping cell comprising 6 axis robotic arm, tooling and accessories. 
  • Includes a single axis turn table, a static vacuum table and a range of process tools, which are adaptable and expandable, enclosed within a guarded safety cell. 
  • Tools comprise a milling tool, mechanical 2 finger gripper, hot wire tool, vacuum gripper, and adhesive deposition. 
  • Automatic quick tool change Zimmer WWR125F-B to facilitate changing between process tools within sequence. 


  • Assembly
  • Material Handling
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Packaging 
  • Loading and Unloading 
  • Machine tending
  • CNC machining 
  • Moulding operations
  • Test and inspection 
  • Among others


Supplier (both sections):


  • Maximum reach: 2696mm 
  • Maximum rated payload: 210kg
  • Position repeatability: +/- 0.6mm
  • Vacuum table width: 1000mm 
  • Vacuum table length: 2000mm 
  • Centre clamp turn table top clamp range: 600 - 1000mm 
  • Centre clamp table rotation: +/- 185 degrees
  • Centre table maximum payload: 100kg
  • 2 finger gripper maximum workpiece weight: 8.2kg 
  • 2 finger gripper range: 0-16mm 
  • Hot wire tool maximum cut depth: 300mm 
  • Adhesive deposition 400ml dual (epoxy/ dual component): 1:1 to 10:1 ratio mix 

Machine Dimensions:  

  • Robot footprint width (parked) 830mm
  • Robot footprint width (parked) 830mm 
  • Maximum height (full extension) 3026mm 
  • Maximum width (full extension) 3350mm 
  • Volume of working envelope
  • Robot cell footprint width: 6000mm 
  • Robot cell footprint length: 6000mm 

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