Masonry Casting Plant

DM100 Dry Stamp & Wet Cast Concrete Machine

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Email: Telephone: 0141 212 5250 

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  • Mobile hydraulic paving machine for mechanically mixing, moulding & compacting cementitious materials.
  • Versatile and low cost manufacturing of consistent concrete products. Utilising local aggregate, mixes large consistent batches. Can be used for both dry mix forming and wet mix casting. 



Manufactured Products:

  • Bricks, blocks and paving stones comprising materials such as traditional mix (cement, sand, aggregate), recycled building waste, plastics, rubbers, and suchlike. 
  • Can also be used solely as a mixer where necessary to produce large volumes of mortar e.g. to bind or finish masonry elements.
  • Capable of producing over 100 hollow blocks or 1000 bricks per hour. 


  • Block length: 200-390mm*
  • Block Width: 100-190mm*
  • Block Width: 50-190mm*

*These dimensions are indicative and vary depending on the product and configuration of the removable top and bottom moulds.

Machine Dimensions:  

  • Length (mixer in down position): 3700mm
  • Length of outfeed track modules: 1500mm
  • Width: 1420mm
  • Height: 1620mm

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