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Combi Wall System WEK120

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  • A compact combination of a framing station and multifunction bridge for the manufacture of timber frame elements with nailed and/ or glued single and/ or multiple sheet layers.
  • The framework assembly and element sheathing is undertaken at one work station. Frames with sheathing on one (open panel) or both (closed panel) sides (when used in conjunction with the butterfly tables) can be produced with a high level of quality, accuracy and flexibility by a single operator
  •  The multifunction bridge supports a bank of tools and is expandable as necessary. Tools include nailers, routers, saws, ink jet markers, adhesive applicators and suchlike. CIC's bridge currently supports a sheathing nailed, batten locator and nailer and router. 
  • The framing station includes a noggin station for installation of noggins and sub-assemblies and the production of spandrel panels. 



Manufactured Products:

  • Wall, roof, floor and gable elements.
  • Open and closed timber frame panels and cassettes of various configurations with or without openings and battens.
  • The specification of studs, rails, infill and sheathing varies as per panel design. 


  • Element width: 1200-3200mm
  • Maximum element length: 6000mm 
  • Element height: 75-300mm 
  • Timber thickness: 35-80mm 

Machine Dimensions:  

  • Length: 16000mm
  • Width: 6900mm 
  • Height: 3200mm 
  • Working Height: 800mm

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