Hot Desking

The Innovation Factory's hot desking service offers users a flexible solution to their everyday business requirements. This modern office environment allows for a comfortable working space that can cater for a variety of purposes. Find out why our mobile working opportunities could help you below: 

If you wish to book this room or require further information please contact our Centre Manager, Lorna Kyle: 

Email: Tele: 0141 212 5250

Key Features: 

  • Free fibre-optic broadband facilities.
  • Built-in kitchen area and servery.
  • Water cooler.
  • Bright & modern environment.
  • Storage lockers available (upon request). 
  • Power access.


  • Room Width - 7.5m
  • Room Length - 12m
  • Room Size - 90m2


Full Day Hire:   £50 + VAT                    Half Day Hire:   £25 + VAT


Downloadable Floor Plan



Hot Desking Space Floor Plan

Detailed floor plans for hot desking spaces available to hire.

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