Innovation support streams

We are interacting with businesses at all levels to pull together tailored innovation support for the construction industry within Scotland. More than 500 businesses in Scotland have already told us their needs; these have been categorised within five key support streams:


Business innovation support

Assisting businesses to collaborate with academia, public sector and other industry partners to seek out support and training to allow them to evolve an innovative culture. Helping businesses adopt or create innovative business models and or processes that will capture or create new opportunities. 

Product innovation support

Helping businesses develop new construction products, components and solutions that deliver innovation to the supply chain. Support could be with entire supply chain partners or individual companies and aimed at delivering prototyping or testing/certification. 

Process innovation support

Assisting businesses to develop new manufacturing or assembly systems. Clients will typically be businesses that are keen to adapt traditional processes, but the introduction of new processes and market solutions are encouraged.

Service innovation support

Helping businesses to access new market opportunities locally, nationally and internationally. Assisting businesses seeking to develop innovative marketing models, new ways of engaging with customers, or monitoring impact.

All of our innovation support is underpinned by people; people are key to ensuring innovation happens.