BIM in Practice Programme

Our renewed BIM in Practice programme offers the unique opportunity to learn, collaborate and implement all things BIM, including:

  • Free events: attend seminars, workshops and conferences offering a range of information suitable for all levels of BIM understanding. 
  • Flexibility: learn in your own time with our brand new e-learning platform allowing users unlimited access to all of our bespoke online learning videos. 
  • Expertise: access to resources and industry experts to answer all of your burning BIM questions no matter how complex the issue. 
  • Collaboration: join our online BIM discussion forum to connect with like minded professionals and share ideas. 
  • Discounted Innovation Factory membership: 20% discount towards our membership available to participants who sign up for our full package of support. 
  • Project Support: Access to innovation project support from our business relationship team.

What's on offer?

Why BIM?

Unsure where to begin with BIM? Get started today with our simplified introduction to Building Information Modelling.

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BIM Discussion Forum

Join our online discussion forum to share best practice, ask your burning BIM questions and connect with like minded professionals.

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The BIM In Practice programme offers participants a really practical opportunity to advance their digital journey and share experiences with other practitioners. I would highly recommend it!
- Dave Philp, Global BIM/ MIC Consultancy Director

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