The Skills Development Scotland's 'Skills Investment Plan' sets out a clear and shared statement of the sector’s skills needs and highlights the skills priorities to be addressed to support the sector’s future growth ambitions. These are outlined within ‘Building for the Future: Scotland’s Construction Industry Strategy 2013-16, and associated industry strategies, and include increased competitiveness, efficiency and productivity; attracting and securing the future workforce and leaders; customer focus and high quality standards, and innovation. 


The Construction Scotland Innovation Centre is developing a range of collaborative future skills programmes addressing these projected skills gap across themes as diverse as Offsite Skills, Design for Manufacture & Assembly (DfMA), Digitisation, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Automation, Industrialisation, Leadership and a range of skills from outside our traditional construction disciplines.

Postgraduate Skills

The Construction Scotland Innovation Centre’s postgraduate programme has supported 20 students over the past two years, this year we are set to support 30 Scottish and EU students across 13 Scottish universities in a diverse range of subject areas including civil engineering, product design, data science, gaming science, international human resources and building performance environmental design. It is hoped that these graduates will help address a diverse set of skills shortages that cannot be addressed quickly from within the traditional built environment disciplines. 


Building Information Modelling

Supported by Scottish Enterprise and working in partnership with the Scottish Future's Trust BIM Supplier Group, Construction Scotland BIM Working group and BIM Regions Scotland, we have developed a three year programme of free BIM Awareness & Implementation events aimed at all parts of the supply chain.


DfMA Skills

CSIC through working in partnership with the Offsite Management School are hosting a significant DfMA Awareness Event, Launch of the RIBA Plan of Work and developing further CPD's.


Offsite Skills

CSIC through it's Offsite Hub, supported an employer-led project co-funded by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) as part of the UK Futures Programme to look at innovative ways to tackle current skills shortages in the offsite sector. UK Futures Programme is an ongoing government-backed programme to encourage innovative employer-led solutions to long-standing or emerging skills issues.