(BeX) Built Environment Exchange Case study

Wojciech Plowas graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Civil and Timber Engineering from Edinburgh Napier University in 2015 with a follow on MSc in Advanced Structural Engineering with distinction in 2016. Over the course of his studies he was provided with a beX Scholarship by Donaldson Timber Engineering Ltd (DTE) including part-time employability via the Centre for Offsite Construction + Innovative Structures (COCIS) and entrepreneurship training via the Business School, Bright Red Triangle ‘Fitness Programme’.

His beX scholarship research and innovation included work on massive timber systems, offsite modern methods of construction, building physics and timber engineering connections. Upon the completion of the beX Scholarship Wojciech has taken on the role of Research Associate within COCIS working for DTE on a Construction Scotland Innovation Centre (CSCI) funded research project ‘mass customisable roofing solutions for the UK market in collaboration’. The objective of this project is to develop a new engineered roofing solution compatible with the business architecture of DTE giving them a unique selling point and new market opportunities to grow their business.

Jonathan Fellingham, DTE’s Managing Director said:

“Wojciech has created the opportunity for DTE to make informed decisions through his research on subjects that we lack expertise, which we previously relied upon anecdotal evidence. This allows us to make better strategic business decisions.”

Finally, beX Scholar Wojciech Plowas, COCIS Research Associate said:

“Being awarded with a beX Scholarship meant that I was able to further develop my knowledge in the field of Structural/Timber engineering which otherwise would be impossible. It was a great morale boost which had a positive impact on my studies and brought me one step closer to the rewarding career in the field I’m very interested in.”