Heathrow plans four new Logistics Hubs

27 Apr 2017

Opportunity to host Logistics Hubs across Britain to support Heathrow expansion

In October 2016, the UK Government declared Britain open for business by announcing its support for an expanded Heathrow. With up to 40 more long haul destinations, the project will make Britain the best-connected country in the world. 

In terms of the construction industry, the £16bn expansion will lead to a number of exciting prospects for this sector. Initial research has shown that the expansion could boost growth in the sector and increase Britain's construction industry by £15bn outside of London by 2020. John Holland-Kaye, Heathrow CEO announced that the airport would be making a major push to support more off-site construction in the UK with much of the Logistics Hubs being pre assembled and then delivered to the chosen sites for construction. 

To help deliver expansion and open opportunities for suppliers of all sizes, Heathrow have committed to locating four logistics hubs in different parts of the UK. 

Heathrow is now inviting communities across Britain to showcase why their area is suitable to host one of 4 new logistics hubs. Suitable locations will have good connectivity, access to a relevant supply chain and strong local skills.  This opportunity presents a series of benefits to the successful applicants.   Interested applicants should visit Heathrow Procurement Portal to register their interest and complete an Expression of Interest questionnaire before 31st July 2017. 

In addition, Heathrow has announced a new programme of Business Summits which are scheduled to take place all across Britain. These are designed to network with as many SMEs as possible in order to provide insider access to these organisations and the chance to submit winning bids for aspects of the work both on the expansion and potential future plans. SMEs already play a crucial role in Heathrow’s supply chain – with the airport spending over £1.5 billion annually with more than 1,200 suppliers from around the UK. 

All applications will be considered by Heathrow and a list of potential sites is expected to be announced later this year.

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