Achieving a fundamental change in the way that capital procurement works in Scotland.


Increasing the number, skills and diversity of the construction workforce in Scotland.

Quality & Standards

Ensuring improved customer satisfaction and occupant safety and working to eliminate industry defects.

Planning & Building Regulations

Supporting the development and implementation of appropriate regulations and planning systems to ensure the efficient delivery of sustainable construction investment and development across Scotland.

Growth Opportunities

Facilitating and supporting the generation and awareness of growth opportunities for all segments of the industry.

Productivity & Innovation

Supporting the development of a more productive, innovative and profitable industry, by improving the way that we all do business together.

The construction industry touches every part of Scotland’s economy, our communities and society. It shapes the quality of our environment; our schools, hospitals, homes, roads and railways, the places in which we live and work.

The industry makes a huge contribution to Scotland’s economy in its own right, generating £21.4 billion per year. It is also an important driver of the wider economy due to the impact construction investment has on other sectors. Construction is unique as a true enabler of all sectors, creating the infrastructure for renewable energy, preserving our historic environment, essential to tourism, and building the roads which transport our whisky and salmon overseas.

Construction Scotland is the name adopted by the construction sector Industry Leadership Group (or ILG), one of several established by the Scottish Government to reflect key growth sectors.

Construction Scotland is a voluntary body, with the ILG members drawn by invitation from the cohort of senior industry leaders

The primary role and remit of Construction Scotland ILG is to:

  • Provide leadership and effective representation of the industry.
  • Develop and lead the implementation of the Scottish Construction Industry Strategy.
  • Ensure effective communication and engagement across the sector and with Government and the industry’s customers.

Click here to access “Roles, Remit and Governance” which expands on these key themes and explains the structure of Construction Scotland and its working groups and forums in more detail.   

Our construction industry



That equates to 10% of all Scottish jobs



Ranging from global players to micro businesses



That is compared with £11.6bn from tourism and £13.9Bn from Food and Drink



That is 10% of Scotland's GVA

£1 - £2.94


For every £1 spent on construction ouput, £2.94 is generated in the economy

Key markets


UK; Western Europe; Middle East; USA/Canada; Eastern Europe.


projected sales

Of low carbon building technologies in 2020


growth rate

Of the industry in 2014