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Role Description – Chair Client Forum

Construction Scotland is seeking a Chair of its Client Forum.  Construction Scotland is the Industry leadership Group working with the Scottish Government to address the big issues affecting the construction industry, and engage and co-ordinate action against the key priorities and issues which will lead to the successful growth and sustainability of the sector, and maximise its contribution to the wider Scottish Economy. We are currently focussed on the Health and Safety issues affecting the sector as a result of Covid-19, whilst supporting and actioning a Construction Recovery Plan.  


What is the Client Forum?

The Industry Leadership Group recognised the importance of creating a credible and inclusive organisation. One that recognises the challenges within the industry but also one that develops insight and understanding of the needs and challenges of those engaged with the industry. To help inform the ILG of the requirements of the client, a Client Forum has been established. Due to Covid-19 it has currently only met to inform some of the recovery plan debate however the intention going forward is that this Forum will debate and inform the ILG on all aspects of the industry. The ILG is seeking a new chair for this Forum.


Who we are looking for?

  • The Chair of the Client Forum will be a senior property/construction professional who is currently or has recently worked as a client within the Scottish built environment or infrastructure sector. The person will be a senior leader within the industry and have the credibility of their peers.
  • They must be interested in seeing the development of a successful construction industry within Scotland and understand the contribution this can make to delivering the ambition of the Scottish Government to create inclusive economic growth which will benefit Scottish communities and societies.
  • The Chair must have the leadership skills to bring the various parties of the client forum together, to encourage open debate whilst being able to bring the debate to conclusion and were possible achieve consensus.
  • The role is voluntary and it is understood that senior professionals will have demands on their time however it is anticipated that during 2021 the Chair will convene Client Forum meetings as required  by the work of  Construction Scotland and attend the ILG meetings four times a year.


Key topics for the Client Forum

The Client Forum will help inform the debates on issues such as:

  •        The Industry Accord
  •        The 2021 Recovery Plan
  •        Relationships between Construction, Client and Government
  •        Innovation in construction including digital, AI and offsite opportunities
  •        Procurement rules
  •        Quality improvement
  •        Changes in legislation and policy including planning and building regulations
  •        International opportunities


The closing date for applications is the 31st March. 

To apply for the role and/or for more information please contact Ken Gillespie at If you would like an informal discussion and more details on the role, please contact the existing Chair Ann Allen at