BIM Guidance

RIBA BIM Overlay of Plan of Work

The BIM Overlay builds on the Green Overlay to the RIBA Outline Plan of Work, edited by Bill Gething and recently published by RIBA Publishing. Together these two documents are part of the preparatory work being undertaken prior to a fundamental review of the RIBA Plan of Work that will take place in 2012-13.


BIM Employer’s Information Requirements (EIR)

The Employer’s Information Requirements (EIR) form part of the appointment and tender documents on a BIM Project.

Information Requirements need to be defined as part of the Employer’s Requirements.  The EIR define which models need to be produced at each project stage – together with the required level of detail and definition.  These models are key deliverables in the ‘data drops’ – contributing to effective decision making at key stages of the project.


NBS BIM Object Standard v1.3

The standard is intended for construction professionals, manufacturers and other BIM content developers to assist in the creation of BIM objects that operate in a Common Data Environment (CDE).


NBS Guide: Where to start with BIM

Don't let fear stop you from reaping the benefits of adopting an organisational approach to Building Information Modelling (BIM). Here NBS explores how to get started when it comes to auditing and implementing new workflows to better support digital construction.