BIM Protocols


This BIM Protocol has been commissioned by CIC as part of its response to the UK Government BIM Strategy. The Protocol has been drafted for use on all common construction contracts and supports BIM working at Level 2.

The Protocol identi es the Building Information Models that are required to be produced by members of the Project Team and puts
into place speci c obligations, liabilities and associated limitations on the use of the models. The Protocol can also be used by clients to require the adoption of particular ways of working – such as the adoption of a common naming standard.

The Protocol adopts many of the core principles used in the preparation of the CIC Consultant Appointment and Schedules of Service, particularly that project teams perform better when there is clear responsibility for action and deliverables.

This introduction and guidance sets out the principles behind the drafting of the Protocol and provides guidance with regards to its completion and use.


CPIC CPIx Protocols

Beta versions of the CPIx BIM strategy templates are available on this site to download for use. These have been developed in consultation with the government BIM Task Group and are in accordance with PAS 1192-2.



AEC (UK) BIM Protocols

The AEC (UK) BIM Technology Protocol forms the “hub” of a complete technology- based solution. This generic document provides a platform-independent guide, which is further enhanced by the software-specific supplements. The supplementary documents provide the additional detail and enhancements required to implement these protocols using specific BIM software.