Why BIM?

The use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) level 2 was introduced by the Scottish Government in April 2017 with a view to encouraging its adoption across public sector contracts. The overall objective is to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and promote collaboration within the Scottish construction industry.

BIM is not only for public sector contracts but can offer the same benefits to all construction projects when successfully implemented. Our new BIM in Practice programme will offer the opportunity to increase your knowledge and understanding of BIM level 2. 

The programme is designed to support businesses from their initial awareness of BIM practices to the continuous development of their BIM journey, offering support at all the following stages:


For business who are unfamiliar with BIM, our introductory workshops will offer an overview of the benefits working with BIM can bring to an organisation and the practices and processes involved.  These workshops will be hosted at the CSIC Innovation Factory near Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness.  Additionally, this workshop will be available as an e-Learning module. 


Acknowledging that BIM requires significant investment and commitment of resources to any organisation considering adoption, our BIM For Business Leaders e-Learning Module is designed to enable greater understanding of BIM by CEOs, finance directors and other senior leaders involved in strategic decision making.



Covering the areas involved in implementing BIM such as People, Processes, Systems and Practices, these workshops support this stage in an organisation’s journey. There will be eight events held throughout Scotland, which are open to businesses from across the industry.  In addition, four specific workshops will focus on particular groups within the industry, such as architecture and design.  These workshops will provide greater detail on the specifics of implementing BIM for businesses in these areas and will also be available as e-learning modules. 





Once adopted, our online learning resources will help consolidate knowledge. 



Standard Practice

For businesses already adopting BIM, CSIC can provide support and guidance through our online BIM discussion forum and FAQ library. 


Continuous Development

Whether a business is just setting out on its journey or a little further down the road, our expertise and resources can be accessed.