CONVERT - Immersive Learning

CONVERT is an immersive learning programme funded by CITB and led by Construction Wales Innovation Centre.

The programme aims to reduce training costs, minimise risks and improve safety within the construction industry. We are developing a suite of modules that are aligned to the college curriculum and allow learners to build in a virtual environment. We along with five other delivery hubs across the UK will deliver free training to both students and work based learners. 

How to get involved:

Pilot Events

Aimed at industry leaders, trainers and academic experts these events offer the opportunity to influence the future of learning within the construction industry. Join us at these events to share your knowledge and shape the outputs of this programme to ensure clear alignment with your learner and workforce needs. 

Train the Trainer

Aimed at work based trainers and academic lecturers these events will provide a detailed understanding of the suite of immersive learning content available through this project. This course will enable you to confidently deliver this material to your learners and ensure that it maps to your curriculum and learners needs.

Learning Activities

Aimed at students, apprentices and work based learners the learning activities will cover a range of new and emerging technologies and include modules in: 

  • drone piloting
  • wood cutting
  • spray painting 
  • building in a virtual environment 
  • working at height

Engagement Opportunities

Aimed at schools, careers events and industry exhibitions our engagement events allow users an insight into the world of immersive learning and hands-on opportunities to understand what a career in construction could look like. 

Get in touch

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