DIveIN training and development programme

Promoting diversity and inclusion in the built environment

DIveIN is a training and development programme giving businesses the tools and skills they need to establish or enhance their diversity and inclusion offering to staff. 

A series of 12 workshops, discussion forums and virtual events over 12 months will focus on raising awareness and sharing best practice from organisations large and small.


Why DIveIN?

At the current rate of progress, construction won't achieve gender equality until 2194. Only 6% of the UK construction workforce are from an ethnic minority background.

We must address this slow progress and become more multigenerational, culturally diverse and accessible to all.


Key takeaways from our 1st session:

  • 58% of our attendees said they understand the importance of diversity and inclusion but still have work to do
  • 35% had enhanced their focus on diversity and inclusion in the previous 12 months
  • We need to attract more people into the sector: embracing diversity and inclusion makes the built environment fairer, more appealing and will help ensure a brighter future


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Diversity and inclusion should be viewed as an opportunity for the construction industry, rather than a challenge. Building a diverse workforce can only be viewed as a positive and encouraging new skills and talent to enter the sector will undoubtedly bring new ideas that can aid growth and development.
- Douglas Morrison, Director of Operations and Future Skills

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