What is it?

The programme

We are funding Masters candidates who can help solve climate change, create smarter, healthier places and develop a workforce and culture that supports the new future.  You can create this together with industry.

Our Masters fund supports projects that will make an impact on industry through new or developed processes, products or ideas that help solve industry challenges.  

There are up to 20 places with £6,530 funding available for each eligible Full Time Equivalent Masters. Part-time students can also apply.


Am I eligible?     

We’re looking for passionate students from across all areas of the built environment or related fields who feel they can make a difference to the way we create our physical spaces and infrastructure. 

Candidates should:

  • Be enrolled or apply for a Masters within our partner Universities
  • Be a Scottish student
  • Be from any course but with an interest in bringing an innovative solution to the built environment 
  • Have an innovative idea for a research project that can be applied directly with industry
  • Work with an industry partner throughout their Masters, you can have a partner already secured but you don’t have to, we can help with that
  • Be connected to any University in Scotland

We do all the rest!   

Matchmaking students with industry partners

Industry needs new ideas, better ways of doing things and an injection of expertise. 

Therefore key to our funded Masters programme is for students and industry to work together.   You can therefore either apply for your grant with an industry partner already in mind, or we can help to find that partner from our wide network. 

Once you find an industry partner, you agree together the a way of working to get the most from your studies.  Depending on your chosen field, this can be anything from direct applied research within an industry partner’s business, mentoring, or simply a presentation and discussion of findings.     

Things you must know

  1.      A full application form must be completed.
  2.      CSIC will fund your Masters Student fees up to the maximum £6,530 if your application is successful.
  3.      The funding can only be used for fees.
  4.      It will be paid direct to your university.
  5.      You must be a Scottish student eligible for Scottish funding. Check your fee status through UKCISA guidance here.
  6.      You must be studying at a Scottish university.
  7.      If your fees are more than £6,530 the university must agree to waive the fee.
  8.      You must work with an industry partner throughout your MSc and your research should be made available to them.
  9.      You are required to complete a final case study on completion of your course and which may be published on CSIC channels.