Executive Suite

The Executive Suite provides a spacious, bright and contemporary board room for up to 30 guests with a dedicated anteroom and kitchen area, ideally suited for large meetings.

If you wish to book this room or require further information please use one of the following methods: 

  • Contact our team by telephone: 0141 212 5250.
  • Email our team at: hello@cs-ic.org.

Key Features: 

  • 30 person capacity. 
  • Fully equipped AV equipment.
  • Multifunctional roof mounted projector with pull down screen.
  • Free wifi.
  • Additional stationery, flip chart & television screen available.


  • Room width - 7.5m
  • Room length - 11m
  • Room size - 82.5m



  • Full Day Hire:   £250 + VAT
  • Half Day Hire:   £125 + VAT

*Refreshments and catering are available on request, with different menu options to suit your budget.



Boardroom Style

30 seated

This style is tailored towards a smaller group discussion. The layout promotes engagement with all guests facing one another around the circumference of the room. This can adapt to include presentations and speakers comfortably.

Cabaret Style

30 seated

This style offers a flexible space suitable for both workshops and presentations. Audience members will be seated partially around the tables that enables the opportunity for audience participation, interaction and observation.

Classroom Style

30 seated

This style offers a training environment where guests have the opportunity to learn in a comfortable manner with table space for notes, laptops and refreshments. Ideal for training sessions and seminars.

Horseshoe Style

28 seated

This style offers a similar experience to the board room layout but allows allows for a focal point in the room and is a great way to emphasise your presentation space with more guests being able to view the screen and speaker clearly.

Theatre Style

60 seated

This style offers the maximum size of audience in an organised manner. Suitable for presentations, seminars and conferences.

Training Style

45 seated

This style is tailored towards a training environment with the option for separate and whole group discussions. This layout promotes engagement throughout the room and allows the presenter/ trainer flexibility in the way they intend to engage their audience.

Floor Plan



Executive Suite Floor Plan

Detailed floor plans for the executive suite available to hire.

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