Pilot Insulation Line

Why choose the Pilot Insulation Line?

Our Pilot Insulation Line comprises three key components; the former section, the thermobonding oven and a cooling section.

This bespoke process creates the opportunity to produce insulation materials from virgin or recycled natural and synthetic fibres e.g. wood fibre and textiles.

Capable of meeting a range of customer needs and specifications our pilot insulation line can be utilised to deliver a range of finished non-woven products with various fibre blends, material dimensions and densities.

How will you use our Pilot Insulation Line

The Pilot Insulation Line provides the opportunity to comfortably prototype and develop new insulation products within a controlled environment.

The bespoke nature of this piece of equipment offers a flexible approach for creating a range of nonwoven products.  

Capable of converting loose fibres such as wood fibre, cellulose, polyester, wool, cotton, dusts, feathers and other waste textile fibres into nonwoven batts and quilts.  

What are the benefits?

  • Prototyping: Capable of producing a range of material compositions, densities and dimensions for test in a controlled environment.
  • Circular economy: Ability to use waste materials to develop new products and revenue streams.
  • Reduced costs: Offers cost and time savings when developing new products with the ability to run small and medium sized production runs for test.
  • Innovative research: Opportunity to test different nonwoven solutions within a controlled environment.

How do you book this equipment?

If you are interested in booking this piece of equipment please use the following contact details: email: hello@cs-ic.orgtelephone: 0141 212 5250 or fill in our online contact form (available here).

In addition, we offer an Annual Membership for the Innovation Factory which provides users with discounted rates across all equipment and services available. To find out more information click here


Need more technical information? 

To download our digital specification sheet, please click here.  

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