Solutions in practice: a collection of inspiring case studies

Inspiring industry towards a greener recovery   

Brexit and Covid-19 have challenged construction to redirect itself going forward, catalysing the need to contribute more to local communities & supply chains, use local materials and transition to Scotland's goal of net zero carbon by 2045.

To help achieve this we’ve created a library of best practice case studies to showcase projects that have impacted Scottish construction in reaching these key areas of recovery.

Browse these resources below to learn more about the ways others have adopted best practice and be inspired to consider using these in your business or organisation.  

The three areas our case studies aim to inspire in:

1. Local value add

Adding value into local communities

2. Zero carbon

Delivering high environmental impact

3. Local materials

Building circular and sustainable resources

The creation of these case studies has been carried out by CSIC as part of the Scottish Construction Leadership Forum's Recovery Plan.

The Forum is a collaboration between Construction Scotland, industry partners, the Scottish Government and other industry stakeholders.  In October 2020 it set out a pathway not only to recovery, but also to a longer-term transformation to help build a stronger, fairer and greener economic future.


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