Why innovate? Why collaborate?

Why innovate?

At an individual company level, innovation allows you to remain competitive, grow your business and enter new markets.  It can assist in improving productivity and efficiency, leading to greater profits and a more motivated workforce.  

Why collaborate?

CSIC's innovation project support encourages inter-company collaboration as well as collaboration between companies, the public sector and academia. Collaboration facilitates the pooling of knowledge, expertise, experience and facilities to reach a solution more productively and efficiently than working alone. Often the solution is more powerful than an individual partner would have been able to reach alone.  

Working as a sub-sector, or a supply chain collaboration also ensures transformational change for the industry.  

Why collaborate with academia? 

Scotland's university base provides a wealth of practical expertise across all areas of the built environment and can facilitate access to: 

      • Leading-edge expertise and foresighting
      • Researchers and students and their wider networks
      • Cutting-edge facilities and testing.

CSIC support

Support from CSIC for university assistance can be provided throughout the project, or particular project stages, including: 

    • Scoping and mapping
    • Technical and market feasibility
    • Research and development
    • Design and prototyping
    • Independent monitoring, evaluation and validation of results.  

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