EXSKALLERATE is an Interreg North Sea Region project that will bring exoskeletons to construction and manufacturing.


EXSKALLERATE is an Interreg North Sea Region (NSR) project that will bring exoskeletons to construction and manufacturing SMEs in the North Sea Region. This will reduce occupational health issues and enhance SME competitiveness.

CSIC is delighted to be the UK representative in the project.

Participate in the project in Scotland

SMEs can participate in the project in Scotland by choosing to be involved in either field trials, workshops, or consultations. Field trials will be held at our Innovation Factory in Hamilton in 2021. 

Contact Alan Johnson at ajohnston@cs-ic.org to get involved.


How can SMEs get involved?

You can take part in two main ways:

• Field Trials at our Innovation Factory
• Workshops and Consultation to examine use cases and likely adoption

We would welcome involvement from a range of people in construction roles – from operatives to try out our exoskeleton suites, health and safety professionals to seek views on safety & welfare, training practitioners and  operational managers on the likely adoption of  exoskeletons. 


What will the field trials consist of?

CSIC will be testing back and upper body exoskeletons during construction tasks. Test results will focus on metrics such as overall performance, load and fatigue reduction, and ease of taking on/off. Academic partners University of Strathclyde and NMIS are providing measurement tools and support.


Examples of activities studied:

Roofing – Lifting and laying  of roof tiles

Plasterboarding – Overhead and wall fixing

Flooring – Lifting and fixing floorboards

Scaffolding – Erecting and dismantiling


What will be required?

For field trials, SMEs can send an operative or apprentice to undertake a selection of the aforementioned building tasks over 2 days (4x 1/2 days). Any size of organisation is welcome to attend observe the activity and provide feedback. We would particularly like to hear from SHEQ Managers, HR, Training Managers and Operational Staff

Consultations and workshops can be organised virtually.


Where will field trials take place?

Field trials will happen in our Innovation Factory near Hamilton, beginning in June and July. 


Why take part?

1) Increase your awareness of exoskeleton functionalities, benefits, cost, ROI, and how exoskeletons can improve worker fatigue and reduce healthcare costs for your business

2) Become exposed to experts and relevant stakeholders during workshops 

3) Help shape the development of future exoskeletons to your needs



Contact our Innovation Manager: Alan Johnston

Email Alan at ajohnston@cs-ic.org to learn more about getting involved in the project. 



Alan Johnston 

Innovation Manager

Construction Scotland Innovation Centre

E-mail: ajohnston@cs-ic.org

Tel.: +44 (0) 7542226416