SNRG: Homegrown homes

An inspirational case study on the CLT SNRG demo and how it contributed to net zero carbon emissions.

The way forward to a zero-carbon future

Proptech innovator SNRG, empowered by investment from Centrica, is on a mission.

To create the future of housing and the future of energy based on one simple idea - all-electric, fossil-fuel-free communities that interlace shared and private places, designed and built using modern methods of construction (MMC) to Passivhaus standards.

Demonstrating the feasibility of using UK sourced materials

Project partners include CSIC, Edinburgh Napier University’s Centre for Offsite Construction and Innovative Structures (COCIS), Scottish Forestry and the Confederation of Forest Industries (Confor).

In collaboration with those partners, SNRG is manufacturing the first cross-laminated, nail-laminated, and glue-laminated timber housing unit using materials grown and harvested in Scotland.

The finished structure will be demonstrated at the 2021 COP26 United Nations conference on climate change in Glasgow.

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Net zero at a glance

3,350 tonnes of carbon sequestered

for every 7000sqm of community using SNRG methods

Net zero carbon


Cuts costs up to 10%

by using home-grown timber

150 residents in 100 homes

in SNRG courtyards

No fossil fuels


100% electric

with SNRG