The K-Briq: The Sustainable Brick

The project is to assess the feasibility and testing of a novel building material made from 90% recycled material.

A sustainable brick for a sustainable future

Constructing and operating buildings and infrastructure is one of the biggest contributors to the UK's carbon emissions and produces around 60% of the UK's waste. This highlights the industry’s need to innovate and find new, more sustainable ways to build if we want to achieve the goal of net zero carbon by 2045.

In response to this, along with the developmental support of CSIC, Heriot-Watt University & Hamilton Waste and Recycling, Kenoteq have produced a brick that reuses waste materials from the built environment: the K-briq. This is a game changer for the construction sector giving a real low carbon alternative to traditional facing brick.

A novel brick made from 90% recycled building materials

The K-briq is made from 90% reused materials such as brick, stone and plasterboard. There is no equivalent to this on the market.

The brick itself is unfired and uses no cement, creating 1/10th of the emissions of a traditional fired brick. The brick is stronger, more durable and lighter than standard bricks as well as being cheaper to make.

It also can be manufactured in a range of colours giving it a versatility that standard bricks don’t have.

10+ years in development, 3+ awards and featured on the One Show

The K-Briq has been catching major national attention since its inception. 

It won ‘Circular Breakthrough’ at the Herald Pioneer Awards, ‘Innovation Award’ at the Scottish Resources Awards, and the Converge ‘Creative Challenge Award 2018’. 

It has been hailed as a future solution for sustainable construction and has had a full-length feature on the One Show where the UK learned about its green innovation.

The K-briq’s next step is scaling up production and mainstreaming its use. With over 2 billion bricks produced in the UK, the opportunity is significant.

CSIC & Kenoteq: this could be the future of building sustainably



I would not know that the recycled brick is recycled. It looks and feels like an ordinary brick… The prospect of being able to reuse something back into the construction process is really compelling.
- H. Davis – House Developer

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