Boosting SME adoption of exoskeletons in construction

24 Mar 2021

Opportunity for SMEs to explore exoskeleton use with CSIC


• EXSKALLERATE is an Interreg North Sea Region (NSR) project that will bring exoskeletons to construction and manufacturing SMEs in the North Sea Region

• Exoskeletons could alleviate 10-40% of muscle peak loads for passive exoskeletons and up to 80% for active

• The EXSKALLERATE project will increase the adoption of exoskeletons by the manufacturing and building industry. This will reduce occupational health issues and enhance SME competitiveness in the North Sea Region while creating a worldwide leading exoskeleton ecosystem


Construction Scotland Innovation Centre (CSIC) aims to tackle these issues by focusing on boosting SME adoption of exoskeletons in the construction industry, where heavy physical work leads to severe health issues. According to research conducted by the EXSKALLERATE partners, exoskeleton use could alleviate 10-40% of muscle peak loads for passive exoskeletons, and up to 80% for active.

SME’s can choose to be involved in either field trials, workshops, or consultations. We would welcome involvement from a range of people in construction roles - operatives to try our Exoskeleton suites, H&S professionals to seek views on safety, and owners and managers on the likely adoption of the Exoskeletons. 


CSIC’s role includes:

1) Identifying SME challenges to influence the co-design of field labs where next-generation exoskeletons integrate improvements. Improved exoskeleton benefits will be validated in end-user pilots sites.

2) Informative workshops for SMEs where exoskeleton experts present and receive feedback on tools to support SME decision making in exoskeleton adoption, a key challenge limiting adoption.

3) Transnational benchmarking to accelerate industrial exoskeleton standardisation (Needed for SME decision making).


Benefits for SMEs who get involved:

1) Increased awareness of exoskeleton functionalities, benefits, cost.   

2) Understanding of how exoskeletons can improve worker fatigue and reduce healthcare costs for the business

3) Become exposed to experts and relevant stakeholders during workshops 

4) Improve SME understanding of the potential ROI of using exoskeletons

5) Ability to shape the development of future Exoskeletons to their needs

6) Demonstrates evidence of R&D activity to share with stakeholders and clients


CSIC want to hear from you if you would like to be involved in this exciting project.

Please contact Alan Johnston at to get involved. 


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