Built Environment Change Makers

There has never been a more exciting time to make a difference in the built environment.  

The Built Environment Change Makers are the voices for sustainable change.

Part of the change

The Built Environment Change Makers (BECM) are a group of 12 professionals from all corners of the industry developing a vision for how they will be part of the change.

They aim to promote the development of new skills, competencies and opportunities in the sector to inspire the future workforce of the construction industry in a way that will benefit the sector for years to come.

What’s involved?  

The group will share ideas and make emerging expertise and views heard throughout industry.  Members will meet regularly, feed into the CSIC future skills strategy and programmes, and take part in engaging industry with new opportunities.

 Meet the Change Makers


Get in touch with the changemakers at changemakers@cs-ic.org.



Helping to shape skills projects aimed at educating the developing workforce


Acting as advisors on innovation funding panels


Representing CSIC at events


Acting as ambassadors to encourage young people into the sector

Content creators

Actively engaging with, sharing and generating content for CSIC channels, compiling blogs and vlogs for the CSIC website


Representing young people to Scottish Government, the Industry Leadership Group and other influencing bodies to shape the future of the industry